Things You Should Know

If you’re facing a situation that requires you to appear in front of the Illinois justice system, it’s only natural to be filled with questions. The Illinois justice system has become a complicated and extensive book of laws that takes years of study to navigate. Finding an experienced, knowledgable and intuitive attorney is the best solution. Our experience has taught us that there are common questions that our clients continually ask when visiting us for the first time. Facing a DUI charge? Charged with a felony in a domestic situation? Appearing in court for the first time? Ahead you will find basic answers to these questions.

Note that information here or anywhere on the web should never be used as a sole source of defense and is listed here to answer the most basic questions. Every case has individual circumstances that require individual approaches. The experience attorneys at Tomczak Law will be happy to sit with you for a free consultation, evaluate the situation and guide you to the best outcome.

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